Mary Le Bone is the premium British knitwear company specialising in luxury scarves with time honoured English character.

Designed for men and women alike, the London based brand transcends age, gender and faddism, and puts emphasis on sustainability, versatility and enduring quality. Sourcing only biodegradable materials in everything they create from the knitwear itself to the signature handcrafted packaging, Mary Le Bone is championing a side of the luxury fashion coin focused on encouraging society to create less waste buying only conscious fashion and responsible design. 


In the creation of Mary Le Bone however, no fiscal expense is spared. The highest quality natural yarns are hunted and the company collaborates exclusively with the time-honoured abilities of authentic British craftsmanship, employing one of the last remaining knitting mills in England, who, from their 2nd generation family run factory in the in the Midlands, is of the highest knitwear manufacturing heritage. 


Mary Le Bone design and finish is ultimately luxury though this knitwear is not fussy or fragile. It is built to last an industrious customer whilst providing them a contentedness in knowing that when they have finished with the item, it will naturally biodegrade back in to the Earth. Each scarf is knitted with exacting care and validated with an embroidered silk Made In England label, sealing it’s authenticity and origin. 


A soulful independent company with a spirited family backbone, Mary Le Bone is operated by founder Jade Roberts from a town house on one of South East London's Georgian groves.


Mary Le Bone operates a non-mass produced philosophy and supporting the invaluable wool industry, is a partner of Britain’s Campaign For Wool; of which HRH The Prince of Wales is patron.




  • Mary Le Bone scarves and throw blankets are not mass produced. No expense is spared throughout our manufacturing process, sourcing the highest quality yarns and materials and working with the few remaining skilled artisans left in England. Mary Le Bone's 100% lambswool comes from the healthy fleece of the coveted Australian Merino breed. Our soft as a city boy cashmere comes from supreme fleece sourced in Mongolia, and our rustic virgin wool is 100% British, bred, shorn and spun in the United Kingdom.

  • Mary Le Bone bespoke packaging is handmade in England & our stationary materials are sourced from an integrated Swedish mill with some of the lowest carbon emissions of any paper mill in the world. The woodchips used come from local regenerted forests and waste heat is used to supply district heating to local homes.

  • Mary Le Bone is inspired by the eccentric character and insatiable wit of The United Kingdom. The storybook woodlands transforming by magic clockwork every season. The ancient narrow lanes cradling brilliant souls, marching out their little piece of hard working history...and, like an eternal soundtrack - the invisible but audiably pounding heartbeat song of this country; it’s top line dances - polite, clever, and with manners. It’s chorus binds, -  singing misfited charm and spark, but it’s reverberating baseline thumps  -  gallant, resilient and fierce.

  • Every decision made, design conceived and order sent out comes from our humble little quarters in London. If you’d like to get in contact for anything Mary Le Bone related please do send an email and we will come back to you in no more than a day. Alternatively if you’d like to discuss something totally off topic and it amuses whilst there's a moment with a cup of tea - we might be just as pleased. See our contact page.